5 ways data entry can transform Operational Risk & Audit Processes

Do you work in Operational Risk or Audit? Do you wish that you could add notes to your Audits, comments to your Risk Assessments or update the status of Action Plans? Then join us for this webinar showcasing how you can transform Op Risk & Audit processes through the use of data entry.

We will take you on journey that will demonstrate 5 Op-Risk and Audit use-cases and show how you can bring a new dimension of insight and collaboration to your teams based on proven Qlik Sense and Inphinity Forms technologies.

Our customer will explain how they have used Qlik Sense and Inphinity to solve their challenges around Operational Risk and Audit.

This webinar is addressed to all Audit and Operational Risk practitioners who would like to improve their results and work experience.

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    What you will learn? During our webinar we will walk through...

    Operational Risk and Audit Planning in Qlik Sense with Inphinity

    Control Assessments / Audit Fieldwork execution

    Recording your findings and issues

    Recording the required mitigating actions plans

    Keep track & manage all audits / control assessments


    10.00 – 10.15

    Introduction and scene setting

    Paulo Fernandes

    Business Development Director, EMARK Australia

    10.15 – 10.45

    The 5 ways to transform your Op-Risk and Audit processes 


    Simon Kirby

    Enterprise Solutions Director, Inphinity & EMARK Analytics

    10.45 – 11.05

    Customer story


    11.05 – 11.15

    Q&A session

    Paulo Fernandes

    Business Development Director, EMARK Australia

    Simon Kirby

    Enterprise Solutions Director, Inphinity & EMARK Analytics

    Your Speaker


    Simon is the Enterprise Solutions Director at Inphinity & EMARK Analytics. He works with customers and partners to deliver value driven data & analytics solutions using Qlik and Inphinity software. Prior to joining Inphinity & EMARK Analytics, Simon was a Director of FS Industry Solutions at Qlik.

    Simon has over 30 years experience working in and with the Financial Services sector in the UK with specific expertise in Audit, Risk Management and Regulation at companies including RSA Insurance Group, PWC and The Royal Bank of Scotland.


    Inovativní témata

    Real-time data streaming

    Data streaming v reálném čase od zdroje až po dashboard

    Active Intelligence jako aktivní platforma postavená na stále aktuálních datech, která se dostanou k manažerům a uživatelům ve formě, jakou potřebují

    mobilní notifikace, pdf report, email alert, ...

    Moderní cloud data platforma

    Moderní pricing model (platíte jen za to, co používáte, na sekundu přesně)
    Žádná obrovská úvodní investice v desítkách a stovkách tisíc eur do datového skladu
    Bezpečnost dat nad veškerá očekávání

    Kromě inspirativních příběhů, ukázek či přednášek jsme připravili i dva odpolední workshopy, kde se budete moci naučit pracovat s nástroji Snowflake a Qlik.

    Who is this webinar addressed to?

    All Audit and Operational Risk practitioners that use Qlik Sense

    Data enthusiasts | pragmatically minded managers on the border between business and technology.

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