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Shamanth Muppidi, Director, Waterfall Asset Management

Inphinity´s customer centric approach helped us maximize the value of our investment in Qlik with FORMS and solve key business processes.“

Mark Wright, MD, Health and Safety Index

Static dashboards in PDFs and powerpoints are over. Our clients demand much more sophisticated presentation and interaction with their data.

Nicole Hua, CFO, Mayo Hardware

We have grown twice the size over recent years without any extra headcount thanks to having proper IT systems in place, from Qlik and Emark.

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Who are we? & What's making us unique

With over two decades in business, we have likely faced and overcome a variety of challenges, which has helped us gain considerable experience. This experience has helped us make better decisions, anticipate potential problems, and navigate through difficult situations.

We have established a positive reputation within our industry and community. It has helped us attract new customers, employees, and business partners. Our customer base is loyal because of the value we add to their business and these customers continue to collaborate because they trust our brand and appreciate our products or services. As a business we have achieved financial stability and a steady revenue stream, this has put us in a place where we understand the financial situation and challenges faced by our clients.

Over the years, we have built a strong network of suppliers, business partners, and industry contacts. These connections are as valuable to us as they are to our clients.

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