“Product that is not sitting on the shelves simply can’t be sold. It is our job to make sure all the stores have the right amount of stock available, to maximise sales opportunity. Having this data available at our fingertips is absolutely crucial.” – Ben Kissell, Operations Manager Thunderbox Industries

Main benefits:

Prevention of lost sales thanks to efficient stock management
Identification of new sales opportunities by analysing historical sales patterns
Automation of reporting & analytics means more time to create value

Download the customer story of Thunderbox, the largest toolbox manufacturer in Australia, about how they use Retail Suppliers solution on Inphinity app store to analyze point-of-sale data from Bunnings and use them to efficiently manage sales and inventory of their products.

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“The Inphinity app is fantastic. The platform is easy to navigate and the customer support has been outstanding. Highly recommend to help drive your business success
– Ben Kissel, Operations Manager at Thunderbox Industries
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