Our story

Our Mission

Helping people get higher value from data through data analytics solutions. We believe that technology should help people to live better lives.

Our Story

EMARK was founded in 2000 in Slovakia, Central Europe, as a consulting company advising businesses mainly in cost optimisation area with a focus on management efficiency. We had great success primarily in the health care industry implementing activity-based costing methodology.

In 2009, we discovered data analytics tool QlikView which was a very important milestone in our history. We were so enthusiastic about the technology that we made a decision to focus entirely on Qlik, taking the data analytics to the next level. We became Qlik’s strategic partner in the CEE region and expanded the business to Prague, Czech Republic. Since then, we have continued to grow our expertise, customer portfolio and our team which currently consists of 60 Qlik experts. We have served 180 customers from various industries and delivered hundreds of successful data analytics projects in 11 European countries.

Year 2017 represents another significant milestone, when our colleague Kristina started Australian operations of EMARK. We are proud to be bringing our know-how to beautiful land down under. You can find us in our office in Sydney.

Focus on results

Our solutions achieve fast ROI thanks to revenue increase, time savings and cost optimisation World class technology. We work with Qlik data analytics plaform that has been on the market since the 1990’s and it’s been recognized as a leader in Gartner’s magic quadrant for the last 9 years.


We are 20 years on the market and have 11 years of experience delivering data analytics solutions based on Qlik technology.


We understand your business and the field you operate in.


We are enthusiatic innovators and first in bringing new Qlik solutions to the market (e.g. Forms data-input extension, Inphinity app …)

Thinking outside of the box

We are creative in our effort to meet your requirements with the best value-to-outcome ratio and within given budget.

Strong Qlik partnership

We are long-term Qlik partner, Master reseller in CEE region, Education partner, Technology partner, OEM Referral and Support partner

What our customers have to say

“Really appreciate everything you have done to deliver this project. I am really happy with the
outcome, it’s a really great tool for the team to budget with. Thanks so much!!!”

– Jeff Brown, General Manager Supply Chain at Mayo Hardware

“This solution is fantastic! The platform is easy to navigate and the customer support has been
outstanding. Highly recommend to help drive your business success”

– Ben Kissel, Operations Manager at Thunderbox Industries

Foxconn today reports within 15 minutes instead of 6 hours:
“Qlik Sense never stops surprising us with its options. It certainly met our expectations. It has its limits, of course, but these limits are the problem of our thinking, I would say. We have to get used to the fact that Qlik works differently than a traditional Excel or SQL database. Change in
our thinking is probably inevitable.“

– Tomas Bachorik, project sponsor in Foxconn

Impact of BI on company culture and results:
“I have implemented number of softwares in my carrer and this one has really very good value added for my company. In 5 months we were able to completely change the reporting environment.”

Angeline Corvaglia, CFO in UniCredit Leasing CZ&SK

The Right Technology

Choosing the right technology is the first important step towards insights


Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense is a modern data analytics platform that empowers you to freely explore your data in only a few clicks to get the precious insights to your business.


Nprinting is a Qlik Sense add-on designed for automatic distribution of static reports (pdf, excel, html…) to wide audience. It has a separate price tag (not included in Qlik Sense).

Want to auto-distribute static reports to mates who don’t need full access to data analytics in Qlik Sense ? Then Nprinting sounds like the tool for you.


Forms is a data-input extension for Qlik Sense. In other words, it enables your users to comment visualisations or individual data points. For example when they need to make notes for specific
transactions or orders, or when they need to adjust the forecasted values. You can say goodbye to spreadsheets.

We are proud to be the only Forms reseller in ANZ region.

For more info, check out Inphinity’s website or watch video below: