Our approach

We know that implementing a data analytics solution can be very challenging.

The most common concerns are:

  • Did I choose the right technology and the right partner?
  • How can I spend my budget efficiently?
  • Will the results be worth the effort?

We understand these doubts and so to minimize your risk, we offer a step-by-step hands-on

1. Proof of Concept

We will develop a Qlik Sense application on your data for you to ensure you are happy with the technology and our expertise. Our PoC’s are designed to deliver tangible results based on your requirements. It can be to ensure that our solution can connect to all data sources and combine them effectively, resolve specific data management issue, build a predefined report or test technical feasibility of new add-ons.

Our approach is hands-on:

We believe that combining your business knowledge with our technical expertise is the right recipe for the successful delivery of desired output. We listen very carefully and prefer to deliver PoC’s as workshops on your site unless agreed otherwise. This way, you can not only watch and understand the whole process of developing dashboards but also learn how to work with the technology and get answers to questions like what are the skills required, do I have the skills in-house or do I need to outsource skills etc. We deliver proof of concepts on trial licenses in your dedicated server environment or on Qlik hosted cloud. The successful PoC serves as a functional prototype that will not be trashed if you proceed with implementation, so it is never a “waste of money”.
The PoC serves to minimize your risks. It is a reasonably low investment to swallow if not successful and helps you to identify the right technology and the right partner which is very important for your long-term business intelligence strategy.

2. Implementation

Data Analytics is a journey, not a destination. Transforming the business towards data-driven decision is a long-term ongoing process. Successful implementation of a data analytics platform is not the end, it is actually only a beginning.


We have the best results taking agile implementation approach. It means we prefer taking small steps and making small wins, always verifying outputs with business users to make sure we’re aligned. In addition, we find that the requirements often change after the users familiarize themselves with the technology, so agile methodology gives us more flexibility to react to changing business needs. We will NOT disappear for a month and then bring a solution that doesn’t suit your needs!

Our consultants are also project managers, so we don’t charge you extra for project management unless it’s a bigger project requiring a team of 3 or more consultants. You always get assigned an account manager, main consultant(s) and support consultant so we get you covered.
According to our experience, we always get the best results when working with a dedicated project sponsor, ideally from a middle or senior management, who has a clear vision and leads the example for others. This person supervises the whole implementation process and acts as a key connection between your business users and us to make sure the individual requirements of users aren’t contradictory and are aligned with the vision.

Scope of implementation services

In regards to services scope, we always do what makes the most sense in your current situation to make sure you get the most value for a given budget. Do you have a team of skilled business analysts in-house? Great, you can probably manage the whole implementation internally. We can provide training for your people, architecture concept consultations or expert support if you need our advice. Do you want to outsource only part of the implementation and then maintain and extend the solution using in-house resources? We will involve your people right from the beginning, deliver agreed output on-site together with them, do a proper hand-over and leave behind detailed documentation. We will NOT deliver a black-box solution that everyone is scared to touch!
Do you want us to complete the implementation plus maintain & extend the solution in the future (e.g. incorporating new data sources, etc.)? We will work very closely with your stakeholders to make sure we deliver a solution with business insights, exactly how you want it and we continue supporting you in the future.

Implementation process

We start by understanding your strategic vision, immediate needs and available budget to identify priorities, quick wins and overall timeline. You assign the project sponsor, who will be the main point of contact. Then we gather requirements from stakeholders, including e.g. current reports in Excel and we use them to sketch a concept of the solution. After ensuring we’re all aligned, we start building a first prototype that takes from several days to several weeks depending on complexity. The prototype is then published to a group of users who will validate the data and provide the feedback. The feedback is carefully integrated into the prototype, always considering if it’s aligned with your overall vision and immediate needs.
After the 1st prototype sign-off, we continue with the development according to the concept, regularly pro-actively asking for users’ feedback. We continuously check the progress of tasks against the timeline and budget and the character of changing requirements against your vision. After completing the desired output, we check together if all the requirements have been met, proceed with user acceptance testing and start with production roll-out and user enablement.

Roll-out & user adoption

You can have the best solution developed in the world-class technology, but if your users don’t embrace it, the whole investment is useless. Therefore, we take user adoption journey very seriously. We recommend rolling-out first prototype to a selected group of users, gather their feedback, integrate the feedback into the specifications and then continue in further development. We carry out user acceptance testing and provide users with proper training and materials. For an extra boost, we offer also strategic data literacy concepts with the help of Data Literacy Project.
Our experience shows “leading by example” approach is working best. Qlik Sense is a self-service platform, that means that even C-level executives can build their own dashboards and they do! So, why wouldn’t the others follow the leaders?