Our partner Inphinity has released a brand new version of Forms  – Forms v7.0!

The newest version of Inphinity Forms write-back extension is a demonstration of creativity with added value. Unique new ideas came not only from our team – many users have shared interesting suggestions on how to improve their favourite write-back extension for Qlik. So, what’s new?


Upload a file to your data!

Do you have a list of employees in your Qlik Sense? Do you use writeback for adding comments or saving data about their skills, goals, bonuses, or certificates? There’s still something you need to store outside of the Qlik Sense, isn’t it? Thanks to Inphinity Forms v7.0 you can now upload their CVs, employment contracts, or certificates to each of them right within the table in your Qlik Sense app! Files will be securely stored to the server according to your specific customization. When you need to open it… just click on the link in your app… so simple!

Are you thinking about other use cases right now? Yes, you’re right – sales orders, legal documents, documentation, schemas, photos, scans… everything. Together with other field types, you can create your own workflow around these documents – checkbox if it is legally correct (and of course data about who and when checked it), traffic light if the manager approves it, date when it should be sent or declined…

Add colors to your data

The new field type color picker could seem like a fancy feature only. However, you can use Inphinity Forms for defining your own dimensions, teams, categorizations… Thanks to this new field type analyzer users can manage their colors, too!

Adding new rows by default is finally here

Many of the users suggested workarounds by using Qlik features for adding new rows to the Inphinity Forms. Now, this era ends… Adding new rows is officially available within the extension! To meet your different requirements, you can choose whether the key should be autogenerated or the user could enter his/her own value.


Totals of measures for better understanding of the situation

Totals for measures from a data model finally arrives! Naturally, with the same concept as you use it in a Qlik default table – on/off and choosing the right type of total function for each measure.


Warn user before saving incorrect data

Now you can define your own validation rules for each field type that’ll be checked right when the data is entered.


Qlik-style design improved

The user experience of using Inphinity Forms is now much more similar to the Qlik default table with sorting and resizing columns width by drag & drop!


The better focus when editing

When you enter data, the specific cell is identified. But not only that. The whole row is highlighted so you will not get lost in large tables anymore!


Interactive support wizard for everyone

As a part of the technical documentation, Inphinity has decided to give a possibility to investigate the issue by yourself. Naturally, the support is available at support@inphinity.xyz in case of any questions or issues.

…and that’s not all … try Inphinity Forms 7.0 now to explore more and find for example table background or more intuitive properties panel!


Change any Qlik default visualization to the write-back with drag&drop

Thanks to the way how we develop Inphinity Forms – by using as many Qlik features as possible – it really is natively integrated with your Qlik app. Change any Qlik default visualization to the write-back with drag&drop:

If you want to get technically inspired watch Inphinity Forms TechTuesday video series.

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Enjoy Forms 😉

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