Technologies tackling the current business climate

Recent events are affecting the businesses in a large scale. Some businesses are dealing with unprecedented demand, others struggle to survive. Both of them need the technology enabling informed and fast decision making through efficient use of data.

Modern technology can help businesses to:

  • facilitate delivery in unprecedented demand increase,
  • cut costs with process automation,
  • improve forecasting and what-if scenarios and
  • get cash flow under control.

We focus on immediate outcomes and quick wins, as needed in the current unstable situation. The first results can be delivered within a few hours and with zero initial investment. To help businesses fight the crisis, we currently offer FREE proof of concepts.

Calibrate your business to world events – Webinar series

Our solutions were presented in a webinar series taking place every two weeks. Please find the link so the webinar recordings below:

Customer stories describing successful projects

Mayo Hardware, a leading Australian distribution company, has grown twice the size over recent years without any extra headcount thanks to having proper IT systems in place.

Read the story about how the technology helps them efficiently manage the business operations and sales.

The spreadsheets are not enough

There are still a lot of companies using spreadsheets for planning, reforecasting or scenario modelling. The process is usually manual, time consuming, prone to errors and often inaccurate.

How can this be improved? Read another customer story about how Mayo Hardware got rid of Excel to save time, simplify the budgeting process and help users to quickly react to changing conditions on the market.

Implementation does not have to be long and costly

Thunderbox Industries, also known as Rhino Toolboxes, is an Australian owned company that has become over the last 13 years the largest toolbox manufacturer in Australia.

At the end of 2019, they subscribed to a tool, that helped them efficiently manage the product sales via more than 250 Bunnings stores, optimize stock levels and analyze trends based on point-of-sale data.

The cloud-based data analytics solution was onboarded within an hour with monthly subscription cost of $300 thanks to the efficient SaaS data analytics platform. Read more here

If you would like to discuss your needs and understand, how our solutions could help you to overcome the current crisis, please contact us or schedule a consultation.