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Retail, Distribution and Manufacturing


Our complete offering in data analytics, planning and data management helps our customers to increase sales, optimize stock, analyze margin and improve supply chain management.  We also offer specific solutions for Financial institutions, Healthcare Providers and High-tech companies.

Benefits of our solutions for Retail, Distribution and Manufacturing

  • Lower operational costs
  • Reduced lost sales and optimized stock
  • Increased product availability
  • Increased margin and profitability
  • Amazing time savings
  • Better relationships with customers and suppliers
  • Single source of truth – consolidated data from various sources
  • Lower operational risks

From data to value

ERP Systems / CRM / POS data / Project and Workforce management /

Digital marketing / Supply chain planning software / Unstructured data / External data

ETL / Data integration / Data cleaning / Consolidation / Advanced analytics / Write-back

Production / Quality Management / SCM & Procurement / Sales & Marketing / Finance 



Data sources

Ready to be used connectors to most common data sources:

  • ERP Systems and accounting: Pronto / Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Jiwa / Xero / Greentree / SAP /  …
  • CRM: ZOHO CRM / Ontraport / Salesforce / Navision CRM / …
  • Project and process management: Jira Atlassian / Teamwork / Asana / …
  • Digital marketing: Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn /
  • Supply chain planning software: DS / DSX / Pronto / …
  • Retail data about sales and inventory (weekly / monthly pads / POS data): Bunnings, Mitre 10, Woolworths, Paypal
  • Auditing / inspection systems: Pervidi / iAuditor / …
  • Unstructured data: PDF/ e-mails / scans / docs and ppts /
  • External data: weather forecast / exchange rates / webscraping / …

Included data management tools are capable of handling billions of rows of data efficiently and enable all standard operations including Data Cleaning,  Consolidation, Advanced Analytics and Write-Back.

A set of predefined dashboards bringing value from the first moment:


  • Cost Efficiency
  • What-if analysis/support with decisions about manufacturing locally vs. import, new stores, product changes, logistics, …
  • The breaking point volume analysis
  • Order management
  • Quality Control/defect analysis
  • Realtime monitoring / IoT
  • Process stability and capability analysis

Supply chain management/procurement

  • Increased margin and profitability
  • Efficient procurement process (submit Pos on time when inventory is low etc.) and tracking
  • Visibility into SCM
  • Inventory optimization / Gap analysis
  • Accurate costing and pricing (Activity Based Costing covering all costs in the process)

Sales & marketing

  • Budgeting / Forecasting / Forecast accuracy improvement
  • Sales performance analysis
  • Comparative analysis (states, regions, retailers, product groups, …)
  • Campaign performance
  • Margin optimization
  • Adding new categories or products, commenting, …


  • Cash flow management
  • GL reforecasting
  • Customer / Supplier empowerment
  • Product line visualisation
  • Norms calculation


Stories of our customers

Mayo Hardware – amazing customer empowerment

Mayo Hardware Pty Limited is a leading distribution company  in outdoor lifestyle, safety, security and hardware categories in ANZ

Distributing products to major retailers internationally requires very efficient supply chain, sales, marketing and support services management. This is only achievable by using proper IT systems and data discovery tools. Mayo Hardware uses Qlik Sense data analytics platform for data discovery, visual data analysis, reporting and budgeting.

Thunderbox – Up and running within a few minutes

Thunderbox Industries (Rhino Toolboxes) is an Australian owned company that has become over the last 13 years the largest toolbox manufacturer in Australia.

As a supplier of Bunnings, Thunderbox was looking for a solution, which will help them to manage their sales, inventory and product availability in a cost-efficient way.

Thunderbox Industries are using the Retails Suppliers App on SaaS Data Analytics platform

Benefits of the solution:

  • Cost-efficient solution with great added value
  • Users can create new charts using all data – no limits
  • Up and running within a few minutes – fully automated
  • Empowering whole team – comprehensive user management
  • Leading data analytics platform with advanced features

“This solution is fantastic. The platform is easy to navigate and the customer support has been outstanding. Highly recommend to help drive your business success.”

Ben Kissel, Operations Manager

Foxconn – Full support for quality management and production

Foxconn is one of the largest technology companies in the world.

They needed to get insight into huge amounts of data, provide the business users with a tool they could work with without any problem and provide a broad analytical functionality, improve the extraction and transformation of data from all the source and save time.


Semecs – improved planning, reporting and analytics

Semecs focuses completely on assembling PCBs at an industrial scale. Their clients are production companies primarily active in the Automotive, Medical, and Industry markets.

Managing of comprehensive processes such as planning and control of production orders was often alternated by a partial procession of complex data in supporting programmes, such as MS Excel. This subsequently triggered a non-governed environment with high demand on both management and workforce.


  • Qlik is being used as analytics, reporting and planning tool.
  • Analysis of production and material resources helped to identify bottlenecks and decrease costs.
  • Users can work online in the environment of complex data structures.
  • Qlik allowed re-planning of production orders in real-time on a daily basis


ACO Group – Focus on business-critical analytics

ACO Group has more than 4800 employees, the revenue of 775 million and is active in 15 countries. In ACO Industries in CE, they have more than 35 000 POs per year and more than 360 000 SKUs and they process more than 5 000 tons of steel. They needed a BI solution for the whole company starting with sales, daily operations, service desk and controlling, analysing data from ERP and MES (largest tables over 250 M records)


  • Overall – high performance of big data analyses, comprehensive visualisations, time-saving, single source of truth, lower resource utilization, better governance, lower risk, …
  • Daily management of order delivery – performance by regions, lines, products with the monthly and yearly overview, order planning, …
  • Automated static reporting for production – 180 reports to 125 recipients, ODS, TVs,…


Way of deployment and pricing

  • SaaS – up and running in a few minutes on

○from $ 300 AUD / month

  • Shared cloud – on Qlik Cloud, ready to be used in a few days

○from $ 500 AUD / month

  • Dedicated cloud or On-Premise – more data security and optimized performance

○from $ 600 AUD / month

  • Multicloud – complex multi-site or multi-node environments to suit your enterprise needs

Initial investment from $ 20k AUD